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The Double Discount sale is running throughout February.

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February 'Double Discount' Sale

For the whole of February 2017, we're offering a Double Discount.

  • There's 25% off all list prices. This discount will be applied automatically at the checkout - no need for you to do anything.
  • PLUS with every hire we'll send you a discount voucher for 25% off a future hire which you can use at any time to suit you.

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Nikon AF-S 24mm f/1.4 G ED

£64.00 for 3 days

Released in 2010, this is - rather surprisingly, perhaps - the first lens in Nikon's 50+ year history which is this wide AND this fast.

The price tag means it's not intended for the mass market, obviously. But what you get for the money is a big, well built lens that delivers great images. The out-of-focus blur (bokeh) at f/1.4 is very pleasant. Some reviewers have determined that it's not tack-sharp wide open, and some corner softness is notable. But then, this isn't a lens you buy to shoot test charts; it's a lens you buy to get a unique perspective in your photographs. And it certainly delivers.


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